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What palliative care services are provided in the SMR? | Where are Palliative care services located in the region? | Grief - support services | How do I access respite services?

What palliative care services are provided in the SMR?

There are a variety of palliative care services available in the Southern Metropolitan Region for people living with a life limiting illness. Palliative care services in the region recognise that illness affects the whole person and their family and carers in many ways - physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. They take a holistic approach that ensures the provision of a comprehensive range of services for patients and their carers dependent upon their needs. These services offer emotional and practical support to patients, their family members and carers in a range of settings including the patient’s own home, aged care facilities and hospitals.

Palliative care services may include:

  • Medical and nursing support from specialist trained clinical staff
  • Treatment of pain and other symptoms
  • Counselling: emotional and spiritual support
  • Bereavement & loss services
  • Pastoral care
  • Social work
  • Financial and community welfare advice
  • Special needs services
  • Patient care volunteer support
  • Art and Music Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Respite care and support
Palliative Care Victoria CareSearch - Palliative Care knowledge network

Palliative Care Victoria (PCV) has palliative care information for patients and carers which provides answers to questions about:

  • What type of specialised health care can palliative care offer?
  • What type of practical support can palliative care offer?
  • When should I consider palliative care? and more.

CareSearch also provides palliative care information for Patients, Carers, Families and Friends on palliative care topics such as living with illness, having difficult conversations and feelings and emotions.

There are also resources directed towards carers that help with practical caring matters and with understanding what is happening. For families and friends there is information on how to help and what to say.

Where are palliative care services located in the region?

Palliative Care services are available throughout the Southern Metropolitan Region. Essential information about where specific palliative care services are located in the region is contained in the Palliative Care Services Locator.

Grief - support services

Grief is an emotional response to loss. Everyone will experience loss at some stage in life. The death of someone you love is a particularly difficult experience.

Support from friends and family

People who have support from family and friends are often more likely to cope better with bereavement and loss. However, some people may also benefit from support in the form of counselling.

Bereavement counselling

Grief support services provide counselling, support and education. Talking things over with a trained counsellor can help you make sense of your feelings. Counsellors can offer encouragement, support and advice. They will not tell you what to do or how you should be feeling, but they may put forward ideas and strategies to help you cope.

Services for children

Children can experience loss and grief from a very young age. The Centre for Grief Education runs a support program for children from four to 14 years who have experienced the death of anyone significant in their lives.

Kids Help Line offers a confidential 24 hour telephone counselling service for children on 1800 551 800.

Where to get help

  • Your doctor
  • Your palliative care service
  • Community Health Centres
  • Bereavement Counselling and Support Service Tel. (03) 9543 9449
  • Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement – Kids Grieve Too; Younger Bereaved Partners; – Tel. (03) 9265 2111
  • Griefline Tel. (03) 9596 7799 – from 12 noon to 3 am, seven days a week.
  • Kids Help Line Tel. 1800 551 800 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • National Association for Loss and Grief Tel. (03) 9650 3000 or 1800 100 023
  • The Compassionate Friends Victoria Inc. Tel. (03) 9888 4944 or 1800 641 091 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Solace for Bereaved Partners Tel. (03) 9384 1722.

source: Adapted from Better Health Channel

Palliative Care Victoria has some helpful resources to support those who are experiencing loss and grief.

How do I access respite services?

Respite is temporary care which is provided to a person requiring palliative care, so that their carers can take a break.

There are a number of ways that respite can be offered. These may be subject to regional variation. It is important to discuss respite needs with your Palliative Care Worker or your General Practitioner, so that assessments can be made and the most appropriate form of respite accessed.

The Palliative Care Respite Brochure .contains helpful information about how to access respite services and who provides respite services in the Southern Metropolitan Region.

Information about respite services in the Southern Metropolitan Region may also be accessed through your local service provider. Find contact details of your local service provider through the Palliative Care Services Locator.

Further respite information may be obtained at Commonwealth Respite Carer Centre. For carer respite and support service through the Commonwealth Respite Carer Centre, please call 1800 059 059. If the matter is urgent you can call this number 24 hours a day.